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Our mastering services include competitive package deals for EP’s and LP’s as well as one off tracks.

We will provide all of the formats required for streaming platforms as well as DDP files for CD production and files can be supplied separately for Vinyl pressing. We also offer a "Mastering From Stems" option (see below).


Mastering with more control over separate elements of the mix

We find more and more that clients benefit from Stem Mastering.

Stems are separate bounces for Drums, Basses, Guitars, Keys, Backing Vocals, Lead Vocals, etc - the component blocks that make up the mix. This gives us more control and precision to get the best from it sonically, for clients who are happy with the overall mix and are looking for this additionnal step of processing and care.

Every track and client will have a slightly different requirement so our approach is to communicate as must as possible with clients before hand to make sure we have what we need to get the best result.

Get in touch and we'll be able to discuss your project !

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